About Morocco

Morocco, officially the Kingdom of Morocco, in Arabic المغرب (al-Maghrib) and المملكة المغربية (al-Mamlakatu’ l-Maghribiya), also called the “Cherifien kingdom”, is a country of North Africa. Its political capital is Rabat whereas the economic capital and more the big city of the country is Casablanca. The country is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, by Spain, the Straits of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean in north and by Algeria in the east. In the south, it is bordered by the Western Sahara, dependent territory according to UNO, but is mainly annexed by Morocco which, so control in particular the southern part of its border with Mauritania.

To go to Morocco, it is to travel in another world. To breathe the perfume of spices, to feel the flavour of the cuckoos, to walk through the streets blues, to visit old the Kasbah, to remain in exquisite Riad of large the cities, to discover the Berber ancient villages, are the experiments which are offered to you.
We wish of any heart to make you appreciate this splendid country and that, like us, you feel there well.
Some Informations :
Official name : Roayaume of Morocco
Surface: 710.850 km²
Population : 32.000.0000 inhabitants
Capital : Rabat
Currency : Dirham (Dh)
Religion : Musilmane
Official language : Arabic
Others : Tamazight
Political system : constitutional monarchy
Climate :
Morocco is characterized by a space and temporal variability precipitations very outstanding. The North-West, is on average sprinkled more than the rest of the Kingdom. And even on this area, annual average office plurality precipitations varies considerably. For example, it can reach more than 800 mm on the reliefs, whereas it does not exceed the 300 mm on the neighbouring plains. Morocco is a country of the subtropical zone of the African North-West. It is characterized by a very different climate according to the areas. Indeed, the littoral zones profit from a moderated climate, whereas the climate is desert in the south and is country. The Moroccan climate comprises many nuances: Mediterranean in North, oceanic in the West, continental inside the grounds and Saharan in the South. The climate varies also in function of the seasons.
Tourism :
Morocco accommodated in 2008 a total of eight million tourists, in rise of 13% compared to the previous year, generating some 115 billion dirhams of receipts (+ 16%), according to the ministry for Moroccan Tourism which published like top, of the statistics and the official figures for the year 2008
Principal tourist indicators in 2008:
Arrivals at the border posts : 7 878 639 tourists
Nights in ranked establishments : 16 461 517 nuitées
Capacity of accommodation (in beds): 152,936 beds
Occupancy rate of the rooms: 45 percent
Receipts travel (in dirham MOR): 56,598 billion MAD
The town of Marrakech is the first tourist city of Morocco. In 2008, the city had an equivalent capacity of accommodation with 44,394 beds in front of Agadir with 28,605 beds and Casablanca with 12,762 beds. Morocco is currently the 2nd tourist country from Africa.
And here capacity of accommodation classified (in terms of beds) in 2008:
Marrakech : 44 394 beds
Agadir : 28 605 beds
Casablanca : 12 762 beds
Tanger : 7 431 beds
Fes : 7 224 beds
Ouarzazate : 7 006 beds
Rabat : 4 812 beds
Tetouan : 4 359 beds
Meknes : 3 139 beds
Essaouira : 3 322 beds

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