About Us

Hello and thank you for your visit. We want to make you meet Morocco authenticates in what it has of more beautiful: to traverse preserved landscapes, to penetrate the heart of the cities, to feel the heart of the Moroccan life, to taste with the lifestyle and the Berber traditions… To discover a Moroccan ground with the multiple facets which conceals emotions for the traveller ready to let himself charm… Then try the escape out of beaten paths!
Amrou , wandering Berber young person, expert since 10 years in excursions and control of groups on a tour of Moroccan territory and his woman xxxx (I do not remember its name!!) want to share with you their knowledge to open the hidden doors to you of their splendid country.
“Our objective is to transform your travel to Morocco into a true meeting with our country.”
« To the sides of Amrou, we crossed all Morocco, of the imperial cities to the desert of the nomads. We were impressed per so many cultural and artistic wealths, and by the surprising beauty of indescribable landscapes. The reception and the hospitality of the Berber ones that Amrou enabled us to meet remain for us a marvellous emotion of exchanges and divisions…” tell Isabelle and Olivier, a couple of tourists.

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