Holidays and great events in Morocco.


Throughout the year there are music and art festivals and great events throughout Morocco. Here are


some of the most interesting:

marathon Sand in the desert

One of the hardest races in the world. His trail begins at Ouarzazate and ends in the desert. At the end of March.


Kelaat M’Gouna Rose :

In the valley of roses, every May there are festivals that celebrate the end of the roses collection, with live berber music. Early May.


Gnawa Music Festival in Essaouira in August:

 Tribal African-Moroccan. Mid June.


Gnawa Kamlia Merzouga’s Holiday in August:

Meeting of the Desert People where the Gnawa tribes offer to eat and make dances and rituals of protection. Half July.


National Marrakesh Folk Festivals:

Recognized since 2005 by UNESCO as the Immaterial Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is located in the best areas of the city such as the Gardens of Menara, Palmetto, El Badi Palace … Mid July. Where it is possible to enjoy the murals of vivid colors with which artists decorate the white houses of his medina. End of July.


Asilah’s Art and Music Festival:

Where you can enjoy the colorful mural with artists decorate the white houses of the medina. At the end of July.


Wedding Festival IMILCHIL:

Particular celebration with live music and songs where women and men mark their marriage in a distinctive ritual.


Dates  Erfoud

The people of the region gather in one of the most fascinating places in Morocco, the Merzouga dunes. They also enjoy the traditional dromedary competition. End of October.

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