From north to south of Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains Berbers lived for thousands of years. Their wealth and trade crafts and live almost like their ancestors, mixed with a modern world that the excluded and marginalized. They are famous for their carpets is a basic wool and leather crafts and tan. There centuries, they were the only inhabitants of these villages in North Africa. Proud of their territory, their land, they fought against the invaders Phoenicians, Romans and Christians who have left their mark on this earth.
Currently, Berbers live everywhere in Morocco, but the maximum concentrations are in the south, to the desert. They are nomads. A strong people, proud and with a language that seems to birdsong. When you head south, arriving in Errachidia. and walking in the streets, you will feel that here the time has stopped. Berber families are very welcoming and offer their goodness of heart.

The basis of their life: eating, taking care of them and not lose their roots. In the desert, in the big dunes of Merzouga, many families live with the minimum available. Here there is no adequate infrastructure for a dignified life. Their houses are austere, small khaimas (tents), old houses without light, television or refrigerator, without any kind of luxury they live every day with only the essentials. Upon entering their modest home, you sit on a carpet, they offer a rich tea prepared with care, or they t ‘invite to eat with them the little they have.

They need clothes, toys, school supplies, shoes, water canals, hospitals and schools. Their lifestyle and their pride is misunderstood because they accept help without asking and without requiring. Most families here depend on their children who go to work in Europe, they are the pride of their families, are the only source of life for parents and children. These families are more likely than others who have no one to rely on. If you go to Morocco or not, any help is useful. If you decide to visit there, it is always good to ask if you can offer something to help, all will be welcome.

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